New experience: dive with blue shark.

Dolphins and whales observation.

Madeira island: Pure adventure!

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To become a SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to star you scuba dive adventure, due to its worldwide recongnition! Subscribe until 28 of February and benefict of 20% discount.

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Benefict of 10% in Tecline equipment until 28 February 2014.


Know all details about ou dive exits.

Next exits: Sesimbra

DayHourSpot / Depth
22-11-201409:00Jardim das Gorgónias: 6/18m
River Proa-22/30
River Popa-18/25m
22-11-201414:00Molho de Fora-14m
Pedra do Meio-14m
23-11-201409:00River Popa - 18/25m
Pedra do Leão-14m
23-11-201414:00Jardim - 18m
Pedra do Leão - 14m
Batelão - 14m

Next exits: Madeira

DayHourSpot / Depth
22-11-201409:00Two dives everyday...
23-11-201409:00Two dives everyday...
24-11-201409:00Two dives everyday...

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